ODISI is a learning and lifestyle brand for anyone looking to try new things, learn from those experiences, and continually strive to achieve their goals.

The channel's main content is golf entertainment content and "How to" or "VLOG" videos on the creation of a personal brand from nothing, documenting every step along the way, and sharing my successes and failures for other people with similar goals to learn from.

Every year moving forward since the inception of my YouTube channel, I would like do to a different yearly challenge and document the results every week in a YouTube Shorts series.

Brave New World

My first YouTube short series, for a whole year, I will try to do something new every week and document it.

I wanted to use this first series as a way to learn about youtube and making videos and shorts, but also as motivation to challenge myself to get out there and try something new every week, embodying one of the core values of the brand.

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Road to scratch Series icon

Road to Scratch

My series dedicated to providing golfers of all levels quality golf entertainment content.

In this video series you'll find a wide range of golf-related content, with the main theme being documenting my path to try and become a scratch golfer.

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Building a Brand Series Icon

Building A Brand

My first video series documenting the building of my own personal brand, ODISI.

In this video series I give you a real in depth look "Vlog" style of building my own brand and explain how you can too.

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